Our Business

To create new products made from recycled and sustainable resources.
We strive for a harmonic relationship in society, and effective utilization of recycled resources.
We pride ourselves on offering our customers unprecedented support to facilitate a prosperous
coexistence together

Paper and Carton Box

Our holding group features ownership of paper mills, box plants, printing,
and logistics facilities. This offers our customers professional consultation from
initial design, all the way to delivery.
We promise punctual, professional delivery and a lasting supply for your needs.
With over 20 years of experience in Japanese and international markets,
we are fully prepared to handle your business requirements with
professionalism and dedication.

LED Lights

Our LED division can deliver next generation LED technology to customers
while meeting our customer’s personalized requirements in order to bring
vastly improved lighting to your business.
We specialize in bespoke construction, commercial, industrial, and warehouse
facilities, as well as outdoor environments.

Other Business

Additionally, we handle used clothes, imported wire, plastic scrap, resin,
off grade paper, and mail order services etc. The afore-mentioned are a part of
our business partners operation. Please contact us for more information.
We utilize the strength of our global operation to cooperate with other
businesses around the globe to bring our customers satisfaction and support
throughout every maneuver.